Super Hard Ceramic Mini – #800 / #3000


2″ x 1″ x 3/8″ Hard Ceramic Mini

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5 or more $8.95



Pro Grade Combination Sharpening Stone

  • Combo Grit – 800 / 3000 (super fine)
  • 2″ x 1″ x 3/8″
  • Hard Ceramic


Pro Tip:

Hard ceramic hones do not wear down as they get used. They will remove burrs, but not chips or gouges.

These stones are great for black steel and polished stainless steel as they will not scratch the blades.

Hone your skates prior to sharpening with the 800 grit side. Starting out with a clean edge makes a big difference.

Finish the job after sharpening with the 3000 grit side.

The small details will separate you from your competitors.

Additional information

Weight 0.15 lbs
Dimensions 2 × 1 × 0.5 in